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We want to thank everyone who helped us with finding our ancestry. Especially all those fellow researchers from the branches of our family tree, as well as the employees of the archives, registry offices, parish offices and churches, whithout whom we would not have been able to create this family tree.

Special thanks go to Mr. Spatke, Mr. Wachsmann, Mr. Margonski, Mr. Köhler, Mr. Fischer as well to the parish priests Kloß (Herbsleben), Lange (Schmiedefeld) and Schröter (Quedlinburg). Another special thanks to Dr. Heinz-Rudolf Keil, Mr. Reiner Schuchardt and Mr. Werner for their support and the infos submitted specially for central Thuringia.
Mr. Andreas Jens Jahrow did support our efforts to gather info for the families of glassmakers Schmidt and Heinz in the area around Fehrenbach. More thanks also to Mr. Johann Schorr for infos provided for Lichtentanne and Schmiedebach. Particular thanks also to Mr. Volkmar Edwin Großmann, who helped us out with the ralations between the oldest branches of the families Großmann and Faber. Mr. Jürgen Gramenz and Mr. Michael Scheunemann helped with our ancestry in Pommern. Special thanks also to Mr. Christhard Flothow and Mr. Dirk Backhaus for their support with the lineages out of Herbsleben. Thanks as well to Mr. Ulrich Zigan from Dortmund, who helped with the lineages out of Hamburg and Frankfurt/Main. And lastly we want to mention Mr. Karl-Heinz Schröder from Lübeck, who gave us loads of infos for the lineages between Lübeck and Grevesmühlen.

In the more immediate family we want to thank aunt Ruth Brunneck, our greataunt and our greatuncle Ruth and Hans Fuhrmann as well as both our greatcousins Peter Kirchner and Karl Korn, who contributed thanks to their own ancestry research with loads of ideas, documents, images and a lot of other material for this family tree.

Of course thanks also go to the authors Albert Brödel, Emil Herold, Gerhard Greiner, Dr. Albin Schubert, Rudi Greiner-Adam, Ludwig Heinz, Dr. Herbert Kühnert and Erich Müller-Andörfer, who with their research and books about the families in the area of Coburg-Neustadt-Sonneberg-Neuhäser as well as the glass makers contributed a lot of info to this internet family tree. At the same time thanks also go to Mr. Andre Gressler, whose webpage saved us from a lot of research and typing.

We also want to thank the members of Bauersachsgesellschaft for all their contributed infos. Of course many thanks to the members of the different mailing-lists, which gave lots of infos and ideas for this internet family tree.

Please inform us of any errors or mistakes you found! We are also always happy for new data.


from Erfurt in Thuringia 1918

Family of Ernst Wilhelm Frank & Wilhelmine Caroline Braun with their
son Karl (on the left), who in 1919 died in an accident in the US

The Lutherhaus in Sonneberg
1874 deconstructed and rebuilt "Dorfwirtshaus" originally from Heer- and Handelsstraße in Judenbach

Our ancestors Hans Bauersachs (1499- 1573) and Jörg II Faber (1586 to about 1655) were inkeepers in Judenbach.
This Bauernhaus [farmhouse] was constructed around 1520, was located at the eastern side of Heerstraße was last owned by farmer Johann Carl dem Unteren.

from Wallendorf in Thuringia 1948

Berthold Faber with his sons and grandsons

from Breslau in Schlesien 1924

Family of Karl Benedict Kolbe (†) & Anna Emilie Hieronymus

from Breslau in Schlesien 1929

Family of Karl Benedict Kolbe (†) & Anna Emilie Hieronymus

from Breslau in Schlesien

Family of Paul Fuhrmann (†) & Maria Laufeldt
Wedding Bonk 1934

from Kreuzburg in Kleinlivland and Friedrichstadt in Kurland

the married couple Gotthard Nikolai Brunneck & Julie Ida Charlotte Mielken
1914 in Dürrsuppen at Talsen
from Peterfitz, district of Kolberg-Körlin in Pommern

Caroline Lichtfuß (Ott) and her great grandsons and daughters
1950 in Brietzig

from the colony Kurgan in the area
of Luzk in Wolhynien

Pauline Seiler (Goldmann)
1963 in Schwedt

Our 7x great-grandfathers

our (7x) 6x greatgrandfather
originating from Quedlinburg (Harzvorland)

© Zentraler Kunstbesitz der Uni Jena; Inv.-Nr.: 132 GP;
oil painting 77,5 x 71,5 cm by J.G.W.VIERTELSHAUSEN 1768

Johann Ludwig Schmidt (1726 - 1792)
Doctor of law (1756) and Professor (1765 - 1792) of Uni Jena
1769 and 1775 principal of Jena university

The Schiller-Gartenhaus in Jena, Schillergäßchen 2

            today                                       and                 back in the day (drawing by Peter Siebert Jena-Zwätzen)      

This was the summer residence of Prof. Johann Ludwig Schmidt (1726-1792)
and his son Prof. Ernst Gottfried Schmidt (1763-1794) in Jena and

was sold in 1797 by their heirs for 1050 Taler to Friedrich Schiller
Between 1878 and 1888 the family of Ernst Abbe lived there.
At the time Abbe was director of the observatory and a professor for astronomy.

Our (8x) 7xGreatgrandfather lived here
The inn "Zum Schwarzen Adler" [the black eagle] in Jena, Holzmarkt 14

Johann Martin Sonntag (before 1709 - 1753) and Anna Christina (Häßner) (1706 - 1771)
were the innkeepers and owners. In the center of this picture from 1910
you can see the later build, that was contracted in 1879.
It was called "Forelle" [trout] in times of the GDR and was a restaurant specializing in fish dishes.
In 1995 the now empty house was razed and the
Hotel IBIS errected in its place. In a document from 1731 Anna Christina was mentioned
in connection with an examination of their drinking mugs [being smaller than advertised].
source:   Ostthüringer Zeitung   from 14.02.2012. (copy of content)

Our ancestors 15 generations ago - The family of Peter Hettling from Osterwieck

Peter Hettling
city councilor, -treasurer and iron trader

Peter Hettling (1541-1611)
1573 mentioned in the Knochenhauer-Innung
He was killed on March 8th (or 11th) 1611 outside the city gates.

St. Stephani Osterwieck: Epitaph and portrait of the Hettlings family from there (currently seperately displayed in protective boxes in the tower ascent)


The large wooden epitaph was donated in 1619 by the family
following the murder of the head of the family. It consists of three pictures and two inscriptions.
top part, depictings Jesus in the garden Gethsemane, the middle one depicting the good samaritan
and below the family of murdered Peter Hettling with his wife Agnes and their eleven children.

Agnes Seeband
daughter of Jochen S., mayor of Hornburg

Agnes Seeband (Hettling)   (around 1550 - 1630)
In 1605 and 1620 she was incarcerated in Grüningen and Hornburg following slander about her.
Her two sons Peter and Gerhard, both lawyers,
defended her and could reestablish her honor completely.

Famous patrician families among our ancestors

The family of Uslar   in Goslar   (from 14 generations ago)

Gerhard Hettling (above in the Epitaph, third adult son) married in his 3rd wedding
Hedwig of Uslar widowed Helmold, daughter of Johann of Uslar (1547-1631).
The family Uslar was and still is a patrician family from Goslar, that was mostly
active in mining and smelting industry. Many of the family were city councilors,
mayors or held other high offices in the area of Goslar, Wolfenbüttel and Braunschweig.

The family Brandis   in Hildesheim   (from 17 generations ago)

Ilsabe Brandis, daughter of mayor Henning Brandis (1454-1529)
connects us to one of the prominent patrician families in Hildesheim.
Many generations of this family had mayors and city councilors among them and
had thus direct influence in the history of that town. This lineage
leads to further patricians in the town of Hildesheim (Breier, Sprenger, Burmester and Berner).

The family Orth   in Marburg   (from 19 generations ago)

Catharina Orth, daughter of ayor Ludwig Orth (1460-1523)
connects our ancestors to this promiment patrician family of Marburg.
Antonius Orth (Donges), mayor from 1463 until 1464 of that town, got,
together with his brothers Johann and Paul, his official document for a sigil
in a military camp close to Neuß by Kaiser Friedrich III. on June 17th 1475.
The sigil can be seen here.
On August 16th 1481 Ludwig Orth married Cuntzel (of Hessia), the illegitimate daughter of
Landgraf Heinrich III of Hessia (check also below our ancestors of nobility).

Our ancestors of nobility

Heinrich III. of Hessia (1440 - 1483)
Landgraf of Hessia-Marburg   (21 generations ago)


This gives us, from this point on, the same ancestors as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
While the connection to Goethe and his ancestors (2014 and 2015), Ludwig Orth - Cuntzel (of Hessia),
officially documented illegimate daughter of the Landgraf, is through her daughter Elisabeth, our
lineage connects through her daughter Catharina of the family of Dorstenius (Marburg). These ancestral lineages
lead through Heinrich III directly
to Karl the Great and thus into much of the high nobility in Europa of the time.
For more documented infos check:   the website of the Goethe-Genealogy

The german/baltic family Magnus/of Magnus
Johann Wilhelm Magnus   (1805 - 1854)   (7 generations ago)

This dynasty likely has swedish roots. With their migration to
Kurland they weren't officially referenced as nobility. Later, the family was partly knighted
and officially certified, originating from "würklichem, uraltem
litauischen Adel" [actual and ancient lithuanian nobility]. After their immigration the Magnus belonged to
"landischen Mittelstand" [middle class]. Many of the family connections are lost to time.
In our ancestry we are missing a documented connection
8 generations ago. In the "baltischen Ahnen- und Stammtafeln" [baltic ancestry] more infos can be gathered
about the baltic family Magnus (magazine BAST 44/2002 from page 53 on).


Guild of master glassmakers, owners of Glasshütten, as well as glass painters

Compared to the books of Gerhard Greiner there's a few changes here. When checking the documents of churches and especially entries from godparents and similar other connections are shown. You can check the lineages yourself. Here I want to give special thanks to Mr. Andreas Jens Jahrow and Mr. Troels Nørgaard Held, who managed, through their own detailed research, to connect people to their correct lineages.

20 generations ago

Peter I Greiner
(around 1415 - ?)

master of glassmaking
Nassach (Schwaben)

18 generations ago

Hans Setzpfand
( a. 1470 - a. 1525)

Langenbach (Thuringia)

17 generations ago

Hans Heinz sen.
(around 1523 - 1588)

master glassmaker and Hüttenmeister
Langenbach (Thuringia)

17 generations ago

Peter Schmidt
(around 1510 - ?)

Langenbach (Thuringia)

17 generations ago

Nicolaus Wiegand
(around 1530 - 1590)

Langenbach (Thuringia)

16 generations ago

Michael Glaser d. Ä.
(around 1510 - 1561)

master glassmaker und glasspainter
Bischofsgrün (Fichtelgebirge)

15 generations ago

Christoph Müller
(around 1545 - 1628)

master glassmaker and Hüttenmeister
Lauscha (Thuringia)

15 generations ago

Elias Wander
(around 1560 - )

master glassmaker and Hüttenmeister
Grünwald / Gablonz (Bohemia)

15 generations ago

Heinrich Schott
(around 1565 - 1637)

master glassmaker and Hüttenmeister
Piesau (Thuringia)

14 generations ago

Hans Dietz
(around 1585 - 1657)

master glassmaker and Hüttenmeister
Piesau (Thuringia)

Guild of Hammerschmiede, Schneid- and Mahlmüller in Thuringia

22 generations ago

Kirsten (Christian) Oberländer
(around 1370 - after 1455)

Sitzendorf (Thuringia)
lower Sorbitzhammer

21 generations ago

Hans Bornkessel
(around 1415 - 1482)

Quelitz (Thuringia)
Quelitzer Hammer

21 generations ago

"Alt" Hans Segemann
(a. 1390 - a. 1470)

Glasbach (Thuringia)
Glasbacher Hammer

19 generations ago

Hans Hager
(a. 1470 - a. 1518)

Glasbach (Thuringia)

1st Bock-Lineage
18 generations ago

Kirsten (Christian) Bock
(a. 1440 - a. 1518)

Geiersthal (Thuringia)
Geiersthaler Hammer

19 generations ago

Hans Leutheußer
(? - around 1499)

Blatterndorf (Thuringia)
Blatterndorfer Hammer

18 generations ago

Hans Liebmann "Althans" [the old Hans]
(around 1535/45 - after 1502)

Lamprecht (Thuringia)
Lamprechts Hammer

19 generations ago

Hentze (Heinz) Ulrich
(around 1400 - 1464)

Quelitz (Thuringia)
at Hammer
vor der Quelitz

18 generations ago

Hans Neuber "Newber"
(a. 1450 - a. 1510)

Unterweißbach (Thuringia)
Unterweißbacher Hammer

17 generations ago

Dietz Deiermann
(around 1550)

Steinach (Thuringia)
Hammer at
Steinach zum Teiermann

1st Stauch-Lineage
16 generations ago

Kunz Stauch
(around 1550 - 1609)

Lamprecht (Thuringia)
Lamprechts Hammer

15 generations ago

Simon Leib
(1580 - around 1642)

Wallendorf (Thuringia)
Hammer vor dem Teich

2nd Stauch-Lineage
14 generations ago

Hans Stauch Sen.
(around 1550 - 16321)

Wallendorf (Thuringia)
Hammer vor dem Teich

15 generations ago

Jacob Scherf
(a. 1585 - a. 1650)

Schneid-, and Mahlmüller
Leibis (Thuringia)

Other lineages, back into the 16th century or even further back

22 generations ago

Jakob Moller
(? - around 1465)

citizen and landowner
Glasbach (Thuringia)

19 generations ago

Claus Baudler
(around 1390- ?)

Kemmaten (Thuringia)

18 generations ago

Fritz Lipfert
(a. 1470 - a. 1525)

wood burner
Reichmannsdorf (Thuringia)

18 generations ago

Johann Purgold
(1468 - around 1536)

city council and chronicler
Eisenach (Thuringia)

18 generations ago

Hoyer Hettling
(around 1450 - 1568)

citizen of
Hannover (Lower Saxony)

17 generations ago

Hans Steinacher
(before 1550 - around 1610)

Unterneubrunn (Thuringia)

17 generations ago

Tietzel Eckhardt
(bef. 1513 - bef. 1543)

citizen of
Gotha (Thuringia)

17 generations ago

Theodoricus Dorstenius
(around 1500 - 1552)

doctor, botanist, professor.
Marburg (Lahn)

17 generations ago

Jacob Aenetius (Löblich)
(1531 - 1579)

Pfarrer in
Königsfeld bei Rochlitz (Saxony)

17 generations ago

Martin Stockmann
(1495 - 1595)

city council, cloth maker in
Rochlitz (Saxony)

17 generations ago

Hans Dietzel
(around 1500 - 1568)

Schmiedefeld (Thuringia)

16 generations ago

Dietzel Brödel
(around 1530 - 1584)

Lichte (Thuringia)

15 generations ago

Jacob Hermsdorff
(1581- 1643)

main parish priest of St. Servatii in
Quedlinburg (Saxony-Anhalt)

15 generations ago

Johann Schultze
(1570 - 1647)

vicar of the cathedreal in
Halberstadt (Saxony-Anhalt)

15 generations ago

Sethus Calvisius
(1556 - 1615)

Thomaskantor in
Leipzig (Saxony)

14 generations ago

Statius Kauffmann
(1603 - 1666)

mayor of
Halberstadt (Saxony-Anhalt)

16 generations ago

Hans Moser
(a. 1515 - a. 1575)

Waldau (Thuringia)

16 generations ago

Martin Welsch
(around 1570 - 1631)

Malmerz (Thuringia)

15 generations ago

Hans Bauer "Sachs"
(around 1499 - 1573)

forester and inkeeper
Judenbach (Thuringia)

2nd Bock-Lineage
15 generations ago

Hans Bock d. Ä.
(around 1555 - 1618)

Taubenbach (Thuringia)

15 generations ago

Wolfgang Faber
(around 1510 - 1582)

Oberwohlsbach (Thuringia)

15 generations ago

David Naether
(before 1566 - 1640)

Herbsleben (Thuringia)

15 generations ago

Petrus Rothe
(1565 - 1640)

Herbsleben (Thuringia)

15 generations ago

Oswald Wildt
(? - before 1582)

in the area Bergstadt Platten (Bohemia)

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shared ancestry in a main lineage Johann Adam Baudler (1774-1804) and ancestors; Jörg II Faber (1586-1653/58) and ancestors

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shared ancestry in a main lineage Veronika Lutz (1671-1739) and ancestors

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shared ancestry in a main lineage Hans Faber "Major" (1650-1728) and ancestors

link to Bauersachs-Gesellschaft
the ancestry of Hans Bauersachs, also an ancestor of ours Hans Bauersachs (1499-1573) and ancestors

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shared ancestry in several main lineages Peter I Greiner ( around 1415-?); Christoph Müller (1545-1628); Peter Schmidt (um 1510-?)

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shared ancestry in a main lineage Elias Wander (around 1550 - )

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shared ancestry in a main lineage Melchior Greiner (around 1465 - ?)

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